Silicon St Sydney

Harris St Ultimo and the surrounding areas are rapidly becoming the silicon alley or silicon street of Australasia and maybe even Asia.

The area has a grungy feel but quickly becoming trendy vibe somewhere between SOHO London or New York or maybe old parts of Boston or Silicon Valley.

This unassuming area now has a powerful array of global hitters based in the immediate area with a deep grass roots community forming around it.

Google has one of their largest development and service groups in Asia based in Pyrmont. is based in Harris St Ultimo and is now Australia’s largest tech entrepreneur hub with four floors of co-working, event spaces and facilities.

Three other co-corking spaces for games developers, tech entrepreneurs and social innovation have also opened up in the immediate area with the trendy new opening across the road.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is being completely revamped with world class designs, lots of new buildings and infrastructure. The Powerhouse technical museum and Sydney Tech nearby are also being revamped or recently upgraded.

Student accommodation is being expanded many times over with around 5,000 new residents opposite the technical education precinct in nearby Broadway.

Australia’s world leading NBN project has one of the key operational hubs just up the road in Global Switch.

Fibre literally runs in the street and silicon flows in their veins, no wonder the tech entrepreneur community is exploding in Sydney, they are expecting 1,000 to 1,200 attendees at the next SydStart conference and have 1,650 members in the local Silicon Beach community plus 1,500 in Australian Entrepreneurs Sydney ( also know as Sydney Tech Meetup open Coffee.

California watch out, your sister in Sydney is growing up.


  1. Further updates…

    Advanced analytics institute (big data part of UTS) is just down the road in blackfriars campus.

    Student accomodation across the road on broadway will be expanded further with less commercial space and more students.

    UTS capital works program has been extended to AUD1.2b

    The global switch data centre on harris st is being doubled in size

    The ultimo pedestrian network raised walkway is being introduced too to connect to darling harbour and central.

    Darling Harbour is being redeveloped in a multi-billion dollar plan including a second bridge to the CBD

    A games developer incubator has opened next to fishburners.


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