Announcing The Startup Trophy

Inaugural Startup Trophy

We are pleased to advise there there will be formal judging and prize ceremony at SydStart Spring 2012 on September 10th at Darling Harbour. A small number of tickets are still available for late registrations.

The inaugural Startup Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the SydStart Pitchfest with 30 firms competing tooth and nail for the prestigious prize sponsored by the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace.

SydStart has two main parts, the wave one speakers that have ‘done stuff’ of global significance and the wave two speakers that are ‘trying to do stuff’ which is the pitchfest.

A dedicated site for winners and the pitchfest competitors will be available after the event at

The Pitchfest

Many startups have already been through a live pitch screening process with senior industry judges prior to the event. Around 60 applications were received.

Around 15 Startups will pitch for 5 minutes with 2 questions permitted afterwards – one from the crowd and one from the judges.

Some of the pitches will be first timers launching products on the market.

Live media coverage via multiple channels will be conducted from the Parkside Auditorium and all 40+ speakers and the award process will be recorded on video.

A further 12-15 Startups from this SydStart (and previous SydStarts) will provide speed mini-pitches (and updates).

Popular categories of business are cloud, software-as-a-service, marketplaces, social innovation and hardware.

The prize will be awarded by CEOs of Freelancer and Anchor the platinum sponsor.

Senior players from the tech startup industry including from the sponsors senior management and a senior panel of industry judges will preside over the selection process.

SydStart Pitchfest Judging Criteria

  • Single score out of 25 per company per judge
  • Up to 5 Judges on the panel at any one time.
  • Average score is used.
  • Judges will deliberate and allocate a 1 to 5 score per category.
  • 5 categories.
  • A score of 5 per category is best possible.
  • 0 is possible and surprisingly common. We are aiming for global success measures.
  • The Categories Are
    1. Team – What makes your team likely not to just succeed but win globally.
    2. Market – What is your addressable market. Really.
    3. Innovation – Why are you different. What is your secret sauce. Originality. X Factor. More?
    4. Traction – Evidence of Execution, customer interest, adoption or revenue or all the above. More?
    5. Defensible – Why will you stay ahead and not be de-throned. IP. Community. Liquidity. First mover. More?
  • Total of 25 out of 25 is not just rare, it is pretty much impossible.

The Startup Trophy will be unveiled and prizes will be announced on the day.


  1. Pleased to advise that PwC have agreed to donate prizes and to audit the judges results and oversee the logistics to ensure a fair process. If you see some cool accountants wandering around that is probably them, say Hi!


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