And The Winners Are

We are pleased to announced the detailed results of the pitchfest from SydStart 2012 Spring and the winner of the The Startup Trophy and around $25,000 of goods and services in prizes.

The winner was a standout, thereafter we had a little trouble with a clear top three so it ended up a top 4!  In fact it was a very close field of startups overall with less than 8 points separating the top 20!

Once again thanks to our Platinum sponsors Anchor – The Hosting Heavyweights and all our sponsors, exhibitors and supporters.


The winners on the day (from an initial field of well over 50 applications) were –

  1. Process Go – Corporate BPO Marketplace – Matt Allen, Tom Frazier & Doug Hudgeons – Outright Winner
  2. Watt Cost – Electricity Metering Cloud – David Soutar – Runner Up
  3. Evolvex – Aussie Ikea Alternative – Priyanka Rao – Special Mention
  4. Start Some Good – Social Innovation – Tom Dawkins – Special Mention
  5. Native Tongue Mandarin, Spanish and Language Apps
  6. Verify1st Scam Prevention
  7. Geodica Touch Pass Two Factor Authentication
  8. Teacher Time education Community & Content Marketplace
  9. Shop2 Smart Shopping Catalog
  10. Branded Crowd Gaming
  11. Ninja Blocks Internet Of Things
  12. Klassifi Big Data App
  13. Werdsmith App
  14. Andable Marketplace
  15. Loo Loo Paper Subscription Social Good
  16. RecruitLoop Marketplace and Video Interview Platform
  17. Style Rocks Custom Jewellery
  18. GoParcel City Deliveries
  19. Parking Made Easy Marketplace
  20. GetViable (equal 19th) startup funding
  21. PocketBook personal financial management
  22. Hire Me Up – Part timer recruitment
  23. Truckr Food Truck App
  24. Seed Starter Social Good Kickstarter

Detailed Feedback

The full rankings and individual judges scores (most judges scored per category per pitch but not all) can be found in the image above and in this spreadsheet from our kind adjudicators PwC Emerging Companies Services division.

Thanks again to the judges and PwC for their great support on the day. As they are all volunteers we didn’t think it was fair to put names against the scores, if you want to give feedback please keep this in mind when commenting below, not to mention it was all done at the tail end of a long 12 hour day withint very tight time limits but was still highly professional and collected world class talent in one place!

These results were announced on the day but we are publishing these details in the interests of a transparent, accountable process.

If your team was pitching, you might be interested in the per category scores from different judges so you know what areas to work on for next time.

Photos & Video

Selected photos are also available now, we are woking on posting the full set of photos and videos soo.


  1. Interesting that the guys who said ‘we have no business model’ on stage were ranked 6th by the judges? Agreed that they had a great product, a great idea and a great pitch, so no disrespect to the founders, but I would have thought lack of business model would be an issue?


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