Ric Richardson Masterclass At SydStart 2013

Ric Richardson Masterclass at SydStart 2013

We are pleased to announce Ric Richardson the inventor will run two masterclasses for entrepreneurs and investors at SydStart 2013 on ‘how to plan and protect your startup’.

Ric is one of Australia’s most innovative individuals and is a regular supporter of SydStart and the startup ecosystem, he has been the subject of two ABC Australian Story programs (2009 and 2012), holds numerous patents and founded Uniloc.

Masterclasses are a new feature of SydStart, this year will feature a small number of world leading authorities on a range of topics talking with intimate groups of 5 to 15 conference delegates at a time.

More about Ric –

Ric Richardson is a well known Australian Inventor most recognised for his invention of Software Activation and his half a billion dollar patent infringement battle with Microsoft which was ultimately settled making them his companies biggest customer. Ric returned home from the US to work full time as an inventor working on many technologies from underground wireless power transmission to privacy solutions for Google Glass and dedicates part of each week to helping startups and inventors plan, execute and protect their innovations. Since he started doing this in 2009 Ric has personally helped over 300 people while continuing to work day to day on his own inventions.


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