Brigade raises $9m James Windon at SydStart 2014

A social network truly for the people by the people?

Sean Parker is renown for being a cofounder of Facebook and being played by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network movie about the world’s largest social network – Facebook – which Parker co-founded.

But some of his less well known projects also have mega impact.

So it comes as no surprise that Sean Parker is also investor in and Executive Chairman of, a follow up to Causes. Parker also founded Causes which has 186m users.  Both Brigade and Causes focus on the Civic Network – our lives as citizens – and social impact globally.

A highly controversial space by many measures.

We are pleased to announce that Brigade co-founder James Windon will speak at SydStart 2014 about this new category of mega social and civic enterprise startups and the Causes heritage.

His experiences will resonate with tech entrepreneurs from almost every sector.

Brigade recently raised $9m from San Francisco based ‘blue chip’ super angel investors like Marc Benioff ( NYSE:CRM $35b market cap), Ron Conway (600 investments including facebook, twitter, dropbox, pinterest, square, airbnb) and of course Sean Parker (investor in facebook, spotify, causes/votizen and napster).

Brigade is looking at the millions of elected officials around the world and what we know about them and how we interact. There are 500,000 just in the US and most people there are represented by up to 50 yet few citizens can name more than one or two of their representatives.

But where does the social graph, the business graph and the civi graph intersect and how will it work at scale?

James Windon is a serial entrepreneur, cofounder and President of Brigade. He was previously VP at Causes and a WTO international trade law expert. Windon is based in Washington and San Francisco.

James Windon will speak on the big stage at SydStart on Sept 2 2014 at the Sydney Hilton you can read more about him an his amazing team in this Washington Post article on Brigade and tickets for SydStart are nearly sold out.

James will hopefully also grab a seat on a few panels and maybe run a masterclass or two.


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