SydStart 2014 Finalists – Official Top 10

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The Trophy Is Ready!  Are You Ready?

We are pleased to announce the SydStart 2014 Top 10 Finalists who will pitch at the SydStart 2014 main day at the Sydney Hilton on September 2nd.

The pitching finals are part of a jam packed agenda with 50 speakers and panellists over 3 floors with 6 streams of content and 8 industry vertical meet-ups.

After 220 expressions of interest in the pitch process we did the first round cut down to around 80 semi-finalists to focus on scalable productised internet and mobile tech and tech enabled startups in big markets.

At this stage in the process some entrepreneurs experienced cold feet or had scheduling challenges.  Eventually over four days of screening at the ASX (photos) and eighteen awesome expert judges each semi-finalist was scored by multiple judges according to the 5 judging criteria categories.

There are 30 Finalists for SydStart 2014.

  • The ‘Top 10’ Finalists will pitch on the main stage competing for the Startup Trophy.
  • The ‘Next 20’ Finalists will pitch on the expo stage for awareness and PR.

We are expecting over 30 journalists and around 150 investors to attend on the day.

All semi-finalists have a table allocated for them at the expo.

The Finalists

The SydStart 2014 Finalists in order are as follows.

Stand by Top 10 marked with ^ will pitch if anyone can’t make it.

SydStart 2014 The Top 10 Finalists (Main Stage)

  1. BLRT – Communication
  2. Go Far – Driving optimisation
  3. You Chews – Catering marketplace
  4. Thinkable – Research marketplace
  5. Coal Facer – Research marketplace
  6. Urban Outsource – Home services marketplace
  7. Stock Spot – Financial advice
  8. Rbutr – Crowdsourced rebuttal
  9. Next For Sale – Property pre-marketplace
  10. Touch Payments – Mobile payments

    SydStart 2014 The Next 20 Finalists (Expo Stage Top 30)

  11. Fight It Together – Activism platform ^
  12. eClosure – Internet funerals ^
  13. Edisse – Elderly safety #
  14. Crowd Flight – Market research ^
  15. GoPC – Virtual enterprise network ^
  16. Vinus – Wine app ^
  17. Stage Label – Fashion marketplace ^
  18. Code N Go – AppStore publishing
  19. Play2Lead – Event engagement
  20. Disrupt Surfing – Custom surfboards
  21. World Academy – Education marketplace
  22. Conx – Construction marketplace
  23. Social Status – Engagement analytics
  24. Nexus Notes – Lecture notes marketplace
  25. Urimalo – Korean travel
  26. Simply Wall St – Share investing
  27. Whispa Music – Collaboration platform
  28. Coupay – Discount coupons
  29. Eye Map – Gaze analytics
  30. Grapple PM – Project planning

Legend –

  • ^ Standby to pitch on the big stage
  • # Unable to pitch on the main day

SydStart 2014 Semi Finals Judges Commendations – Worth Watching

The following semi-finalists and finalists were identified by one or more judges as a personal favourite worth watching outside the strict scoring criteria.

 Semi Finals Judges Highly Commended

To Do

Interesting Finalists Facts

  • Growth in Quality: Most judges considered the standards for the semi-finals as high as last years finals.
  • Growth in Volume: SydStart has never had as many applicants or as many sponsors or as many industry verticals or as many judges or as many judging sessions or as semi-finalists.
  • Hottest Spaces: A new record of three players are in the one industry vertical – Research – each have very distinct and viable business models and two were in the Investments vertical.
  • Improving Gender Diversity: 30% of the top 10 and 20% of the top 50 startups were run by women – anecdotally this is an improvement but we have more work to do in our marketing and development.

Ranking Process

The ranking process involved applying the judging criteria and averaging the total scores across judges and allocating a raw ranking. Then scores were normalised (scaled) so the judges average scores were consistent across judges due to the large numbers of judges, sessions and industries involved and the variety of stages the businesses were at for the pitch event. A scaled rank was then allocated. The final rank was the average of the raw and scaled rankings.

You can see the ‘full’ list of most of the semi finalist companies attached at the end of this post. The individual pitching companies will be sent the full list with their separate category scores per judge so they know which areas they are strong and which areas need attention.

We undertake to deliver as much transparency as possible in keeping with The Start Society principles and the SydStart principles.

Please note SydStart is a volunteer run event for community benefit to help connect, learn and inspire and not a profit making exercise, all proceeds are reinvested.

SydStart Recognition Logos / Badges

Here are some images for use in marketing (SydStart Finalist, Judges Commendation etc) for the Top 10, Top 50 and commendations more coming soon. These are strictly for use by the companies listed in this post.

You should use these with pride, with hundreds of applicants and world class judges all of these badges are hard to earn. Congratulations

Semi Finals Photos

Extensive photos of the SydStart 2014 Semi Finals at the ASX –

‘Full’ Semi Finalist List Of Pitching Companies

Semi Finalists SydStart 2014


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