Pitch Rush

SydStart Pitch Rush

What? The Pitch.

What is the Pitch Rush at SydStart ?  It is not the main competition, this is a warm up exercise for everyone.

Think of it as like the running of the bulls but for tech startups.  You need to run with the crowd. Get involved or get out the way.  In a room with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs, you give an elevator pitch then listen to one and move on to the next person. It gets a bit hectic so pitch or listen or move to one side !!!

Why? The Goal.

The goal is to give or listen to the most pitches in just a few minutes!  We will attempt this with hundreds of entrepreneurs simultaneously in one room on the morning of SydStart. It is another example of what we call a great start!

How? The Format.

The format is normally the gaddie pitch, but you can do what ever pitch format you want… speed and clarity are important… just as they are in real life when you have 30 seconds in an elevator with an important investor or stakeholder you are trying to win over.

Turn to one side, pitch to your peer and then listen to their pitch in return. Then turn to the other side and repeat. Try behind or in front and repeat.

Try something like this.

1. You know how <problem>

2. What we do is <solution>

3. In fact we <something special about your business – a unique differentiator or interesting fact or statistic demonstrating traction or momentum or acceleration>

The Sydstart version also includes an additional bit a the end where we make a point of asking for what we need.

4. We are at SydStart for <feedback, investment of $x, co-founders, talent, advice, awareness, PR, partners, etc>

The SydStart pitchrush has no prizes… but… is good practice for the SydStart wave two pitchfest which happens later in the day and decides the winner of The Startup Trophy, check out the agenda for details.

How? Some Sample Methods to learn in under 2 minutes.


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